We have the power to be the very best we can be, it starts with what we put on our plates.

Plant Strong Living is a growing community of people willing and committed to making a change for a better life. Our ability to advance people’s understanding of nutritional health and wellbeing, as well as to reinforce the message for those already changing the current paradigm, means that we can make a positive change for so many struggling to overcome chronic and debilitating health conditions. 

"I had Crohns disease for 15 years until going plant based. The change that's had on my life is overwhelming"


Our goal is to support you through what we know and what we’ve personally experienced first hand. Our own journeys through the field of food as medicine have been life changing and our wish is to share that with as many people as we possibly can.

We are a team of full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocates who want to dig much deeper into the science of nutrition for people, building strategies and habits that create optimal health through a plant based diet. We understand these changes can have a profound effect on quality of life and that each and every one of us has the ability to experience a positive change as a result.

Over time, as our community grows, as will this website. We hope it will become as a one stop resource for whole food plant based nutrition. Journey with us as you reach your highest health potential and to live the kind of life you most deeply want.

Our Culinary Philosophy

There may be varying degrees of beliefs about what constitutes a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet, such as the school of thought that sugar, salt, nuts and avocados should never be consumed, but we believe it is important that people should be free to eat food with the flavours they enjoy and in the context of knowledge. Everyone knows that adding extra salt and sugar is not essential to our diet, but if we’re talking about changing perceptions around plant based nutrition, we’re not going to achieve much if we tell people they must give up the food they love for food that tastes bland. A WFPB way of life is a journey. Embarking on such a journey is as much a physiological game changer as it is a phycological one. Our goal is not to motivate a small number of extreme eaters, but to launch a revolution that transforms society.

First, nuts, seeds, avocados and other whole-plant foods high in natural fat are essential to a healthy diet when consumed in modest amounts. The argument against natural fat in whole, plant-based foods is the same reductionist thinking used by the dairy industry to advocate for milk consumption.

Milk contains calcium and calcium is a building material for bones, so the dairy industry has argued for years that we should consume milk. Yet, science shows that increased consumption of high protein-foods like milk and other animal derived foods (coupled with consumption of less plant derived foods) are associated with lower long-term bone health. Biology is complex — infinitely so. What matters most is not the presence of calcium in milk, but the wholistic effects of milk on the body. Likewise, what matters most with whole plant foods high in fat is the way they are utilised by the body and the effects they produce, and research is increasingly showing these plant foods to be beneficial.

The only ingredient we advocate avoiding as much as possible is added oil. This ingredient is not necessary to the creation of great-tasting meals; it is absolutely possible to create flavour without oil. An argument can be made that very small amounts of oil (like a very small splash of sesame oil in a kale dish) is likely to do little or no harm, but the problem is that many people have difficulty drawing the line with oil. A little can easily turn into too much. So we suggest just staying away from it.

"This isn’t a life of sacrifice or lent. It’s a life of liberation and fulfilment."
- Dr Martyn Williamson