Plant Strong Living, Testimonial AVATAR
Elizabeth H.
Food Box Customer
Elizabeth H.

The shift to being predominantly plant based has been awesome for my health. Having suffered chronic unresolved pain issues for years, making the switch has definitely reduced inflammation and I haven’t had nearly the same time off work for health matters. My energy is better and my mind is so much clearer. My bowels work better too. I was reluctant at first to cut out meat, and a lot of tasty processed foods, but I have to say the plant strong food box rocks! You have the benefit of healthy nutritious food, that is absolutely packed full of flavour. The zesty quinoa bowl is a staple in our household, and always leaves us satisfied. 

It is a process for me. I’m not 100% diligent with being plant based,  but when I have periods where I am committed to PB, I just seem to function better.  My moods are better, I sleep better and my pain levels are far more manageable. I even get days where I don’t notice pain so much and that’s huge!  It’s not all consuming like it used to be which has been great for my mental health.  I have endometriosis and joint pain- and plant based has significantly helped this.